Our designs are powered by the relationship between ourselves and the world around us. Where care for the world as a place and people becomes our guide, Italian craft becomes our foundation and women our muse.

Our bags are created from nature’s very own fabrics, transforming it into a work of art that represents who we are:
caring, evergreen, iconic, conscious.

A dedication to women who choose to live with style without compromising sustainability. She who is sensitive on how the world is changing and decides to act on it. She who is determined to rise and build a world where her choices permits to enjoy the pleasures of life without the fear of leaving behind a decaying world.

Claire Chance becomes addition to her wardrobe to wear proudly. A bag that carries your personal manifesto, a declaration of your personality and values. A companion that believes in the power of transformation.

This is us:
The chance to live better, elevate your style and #BeUnashamed of who you are.