Our promise echoes through every thread of our bags: a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship.

We use different primary bag materials:


Stands as a cruelty-free, biobased fibre derived from Sicilian oranges and cactus waste. Ohoskin epitomizes circularity: reborn from diverse industry byproducts, it revitalizes materials, slashing CO2 emissions by an impressive 90%. This toxin-free, entirely recyclable material champions safety for both people and our planet.


Born from Vegan-VEG and GEA-Mother Earth, is an innovative material rich in plant-based, renewable, and recycled elements: grape leftovers from winemaking, botanical oils, and natural fibres from agriculture. REACH compliant, animal-friendly, and proudly Made in Italy, Vegea defines a new era of sustainable alternatives for fashion, furniture, automotive, and packaging, moving away from traditional oil-based and animal-derived materials.


Nested within our bags, the lining proudly features 100% recycled GRS certified polyester, while our elegant studs are crafted from 100% recycled and recyclable materials by Italian BCorp-Lampa.

Our green zips are also fashioned from recycled polyester ribbon, employing a proven, low environmental impact manufacturing process.
The metal accessories, such as D rings and internal hooks, are produced using a certified transparent galvanic technology which incorporates complete water recirculation and fully automated systems, aiming to eliminate human intervention from the process. These small metallic components primarily consist of palladium, a member of the platinum family. Renowned for its durability and exceptional resistance to corrosion, palladium is increasingly emerging as the environmentally friendly metal of choice in the luxury fashion industry.

Sustainability is interwoven into the very fabric of our craftsmanship. Every aspect of our luxurious creations embodies this responsibility, empowering you to embrace a style smoothly aligned with your values.



Our purpose goes beyond our designs—it extends to our packaging.

Our dust bags are meticulously crafted from GRS certified recycled fabric, uniting functionality with ecoconsciousness. These versatile accessories aren't merely practical; they're stylish, reusable totes embodying our commitment to waste reduction.

Furthermore, the tags and thank-you notes are fashioned from eco-friendly cardboard made entirely from 100% recycled cellulose, ensuring recyclability and compostability.

We embed sustainability throughout your entire shopping experience, from on-demand product creation to doorstep delivery: your Claire Chance bag can be shipped in 100% recycled cardboard wrapping or nestled in innovative, reusable RePack packaging; convenient to open, fill, fold, and return for reuse, RePack bags endure for years, accompanying numerous trips worldwide.

At every stage of our journey together, our goal is to immerse you in a luxurious experience that harmonises seamlessly with our planet-friendly ethos.